About Voor elkaar in West

Voor Elkaar in West is a non-profit organization aiming to connect the local community in Amsterdam West. Do you need a helping hand? Are you willing to help others? Or do you want to meet new people? Join us!


Are you looking for possibilities to help others, improve your Dutch language skills or connect to the local community of Amsterdam West? You’re very welcome to volunteer at Voor Elkaar in West.

We’re a volunteer driven organization in Amsterdam West making it possible for elderly people to remain in their own homes and communities for as long as possible. We offer mostly short term, simple and practical aid. For example, doing groceries, offering companionship or a bell buddy, a chore in the house or garden or giving someone a ride. You don’t necessarily have to commit on a regular basis. Your time involvement is totally up to you. Please contact us! We're happy to meet you.

Are you looking for a different kind of volunteering work? Please search the vacancies written in English in the online database from the Volunteer Centre Amsterdam.

Do you need help?

Voor Elkaar in West involves services that residents easily can provide for each other, without necessarily having to do something in return. This could be anything: getting groceries for elderly, offering your handymen services, teaching someone how to use the computer, offering companionship, meeting new people with similar interests, a chore in the house or gardening.

Community centers

Are you a new resident who want to get to know people? Community centers are a great way to meet new people in your neighbourhood. Amsterdam West is home to nearly 20 community centers. There's always a community centre nearby. Check our map.